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The AI revolution will realize the ultimate value of digital medical images and bring healthcare to the next level.


Who We Are

AetherAI was founded in 2015 by Joe, Billy, and Steve when they saw how the powerful combination of digital microscopy and artificial intelligence will revolutionize medicine.

Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to developing intuitive web interface for medical images and AI-powered image analysis workflow.

Partners & customers of the aetherAI include Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, National Taiwan University Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hostpial.

Our Work

With physicians’ needs in mind, aetherAI blends multi-modality image viewer, annotation tools and deep learning frameworks into its integrative web platform that effortlessly turns data into insight. Using our own platform, we have built expert-level cancer screening model and prognosis prediction models that are ready for clinical trials.

Partners & Customers

Equipped experiences in medical imaging, software engineering and artificial intelligence, aetherAI is collaborating with top medical centers to build high quality datasets and their deep learning applications. Our partners & customers includes Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, National Taiwan University Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

Our Team

aetherAI has an enthusiastic team of MD, data scientists, and software engineers. The complementary talents allow aetherAI to quickly enter the medical field and launch large-scale research and development collaobration.

Joe Yeh, M.D.
Joe Yeh, M.D.CEO & Co-founder
After acquiring his medical degree from National Taiwan University, Joe was trained at USC on digital microscopy and image analysis. He’s also a self-taught deep learning engineer. Now he’s leveraging all his skills to develop AI powered solutions for challenging problems facing medicine and global health.
Steve Yeh, M.B.A.
Steve Yeh, M.B.A.COO & Co-founder
With more than 30 years of experience in IBM, Steve has a passion for the development and application of new technologies. He brings to the team his extensive management experience at IBM and his deep knowledge of the IT industry, helping atherAI to build a foundation and grow steadily.
Billy Kan
Billy KanCTO & Co-founder
Billy is an energetic front-end enginner and has been devoted to web/mobile development for more than two years. With the background of National Cheng Kung University Department of Electrical Engineering. He loves and is ready for meeting and responsing to any kind of challenges.

Ready to Fly?

Join us. We keep looking for data scientists, computer vision experts and senior AI engineers with convolution neural network and distributed training experiences. We offers competitve salary and opportunities to work with the top international institutions.